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I get "Failed to create PayPal payment (422)". Any other payment method?

Hi, i cant pay you. I just get a error and thats it. Is there any other way to buy this?

Hello! the payment is fixed now, you can try again and see how it goes

Yea its working with the money but itch  have not give me the tileset they say the money is on pending  and  they can do nothing. Can i send u the bill and i get the tileset. I don't want to wait for 2 weeks to maybe get this. 

Hello! Don't worry send me an email at and I will send you the assets :)

I send u a PM. 

I'm not sure that you can send a PM through itch tho

In addition to the other user, I too have cancelled my payment; apparently, you have to accept the payment in Paypal in order for the transaction to go through. I'd love to purchase this asset, but I'm unwilling to have a long term unclaimed payment pending. Thanks, have a great day.

Yeah I'm so sorry about that, the paypal problem is fixed now if you're still interested on the project

To Paypal! Post-haste!

Hello. Letting you know I couldn't pay with PayPal. After purchase said there was an error with transaction. I waited a while and then checked PayPal account. Transaction was with pending status waiting confirmation on your end (hotmail account) with option to cancel it. So since already said there was error and I didn't receive asset I then canceled pending transaction on PayPal. I purchased 2 other assets from other artists afterwards with no problem. What was unusual with this purchase - PayPal didn't ask my address information, which I usually have to fill in for tax since I'm from Europe.


i'm sorry for the late response ): I just fixed the paypal issue, if you're still interested you can buy it now, it should work

Yay! Thank you very much! Have awesome 2020!

Really nice!But some enemies would make it a must buy.Some simple attacks would be amazing too.I'm not very good at pixel art,so these are things I really need.I look forward to your updates!

Deleted 3 years ago

Yeah of course, just add credits to the project :)

Deleted 3 years ago

This is great, any plans to create an enemy pack?

Thank you! and not really at the moment, at least not for this project ): (It will eventually happen but I can't promise you anything)